sometimes things are not what we are led to believe... but this is the reality.




fact based nonsense

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Ralph Scott and Todd Levi go so far back they’re almost horizontal. They’re too old to hang banners from the Sydney opera house but too young not to care. They’re passionate about the environment, social justice and economics that can work for everybody.
They also do fart jokes.

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The Reality with Todd & Ralph is high-quality, radio current affairs analysis and comment with an attitude, branded and adapted to your format. It’s current, entertaining and concise in a world full of waffle.

About The Reality

Todd and Ralph have grown increasingly frustrated at the poor state of affairs on planet earth. The only viable option to combat that frustration was to get together and talk shit. That shit has become The Reality.

The Reality Podcast & Radio Show

you need more reality in your life!

let's face it, the worlds gone to shit so why not keep it real and susbcribe to the reality...
the world will still be shit but you might get a giggle along the way

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What People Say About The Reality

Funny AND Insightful...

Lyndsay T
Newcastle NSW

Great stuff every time!

Max T

Brilliant as usual. Absurdity, wrapped in surrealism based on a magic realistic mystery tour of Australian an global politics. Keep it coming.
Warm regards from France,

Don’t miss next week’s episode. It’s a cracker!

Bruce ‘The Oracle’ K
St Kilda

Very amusing. Nice dress your daughter was wearing this morning


You guys make me think, make me angry, make me laugh and often make my day.

Jay M

I refuse to legitimise this twaddle by making a comment.

Eric A

something to think about

Think for yourself, or others will think for you without thinking of you.

- Henry David Thoreau
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