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The Reality with Todd & Ralph is customised, high-quality, radio current affairs analysis and comment with an attitude. It is current (updated twice weekly), entertaining and concise in a world full of waffle.

Lefty, Greenie, Pinko Fact-Based Nonsense’ pretty much sums up our approach. Right-wing shock jocks have stalked the airwaves (and won audiences) for too long. The Reality is the opposite. We come at things from an unashamedly progressive, pro-environment perspective. Our material is often funny, frequently serious and always backed by verifiable facts.

The Reality with Todd and Ralph has been developed over the last 12 months with our partner For, ‘The Reality’ is interspersed within a music format with interesting/amusing/thought provoking snippets. In the same way, we will customise and fit ‘The Reality’ to your format, making sure it fits with and enhances existing programming.

Our material can be configured to meet any station format: run-of-station ‘bites’, after-news opinion, a daily ‘show’ (as with or even 100% talk. If you like what we do, let us partner with you and work up a version of ‘The Reality’ that fits your station.

On initial sign up, we’ll also provide a suite of station IDs, sweepers, pointers to other programmes and promo pieces produced to your specifications. These can be refreshed, and added to, on demand.

Have a listen to some of the samples on this page, take a dive into the 20 minute weekly podcast and get a feel for it. Then we can provide you with more examples and talk about where you’d like to take it.

We’re also developing customisable video content and can co-brand any physical merchandise offered in our on line store.

All of this can be adding value to your offering for a very reasonable monthly fee. It’s high quality, affordable, audience-building content.

Let’s talk - shoot us a message using the form.


a two minute taste


A few more snippets of the reality

you need more reality in your life!

let's face it, the worlds gone to shit so why not keep it real and susbcribe to the reality...
the world will still be shit but you might get a giggle along the way

we pinky promise not to share your details with anyone else.

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